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The highly-anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco!

Awaited since Ford Motor Company's confirmation of its existence in 2017 at the Detroit Auto Show, the new Ford Bronco is finally here, and we can confirm that it's everything you wanted it to be. From the look to the capability to the options, Ford took great care to make sure this new Bronco lived up to the name.

History Of The Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is arguably one of the most iconic SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and ORVs (off-road vehicles) of all-time. The Bronco made its debut in 1965 as a 1966 model year vehicle, and quickly rose to popularity among outdoor enthusiasts with its off-road capabilities. Designed to be a direct competitor to the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Scout, Ford wanted to make the Bronco simple and affordable. Initially, there were three body options you could choose from: a wagon, a roadster, and a half-cab pickup--all two-door configurations.

Up until now, the Bronco has remained strictly a 2-door vehicle throughout its production. To further simplify production, all were produced with the same drivetrain and 4WD. Ford produced 5 generations of the Bronco over a 30 year period and stopped production in 1996. Through those generations, drivetrains changed and the Bronco increased in size, but the concept remained the same. As other manufacturers looked to increase SUV street performance, the Bronco remained true to its roots and looked to be the ultimate off road vehicle. To say people are excited for the new 6th generation Ford Bronco would be an understatement.

Revival of The Ford Bronco

With its revival, buyers will be able to choose from three configurations: traditional 2-door, an all-new 4-door, and a smaller Bronco Sport. With a slogan of "Built Wild", any Bronco you choose will be up for adventure. Soon, the Bronco will be its own division of vehicles. It is once again looking to become the premier off road vehicle.

The 2021 Bronco

There's a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered. To find it you have to break rules, push boundaries and climb over the barriers in your way. With its relentless toughness and durability, the all-new Bronco was built to carry outdoor enthusiasts to wherever the wilderness calls. Available in two- or four-door models.

Preproduction CGI image shown. Available beginning spring 2021.

The 2021 Bronco Sport

Meet the latest in the family. The all-new Bronco Sport is your wilderness guide with four unique series engineered to match the way you experience the outdoors. Each, expertly equipped to get you out there - To the mountain ranges, the woodland trails, and the scenic shores. Your adventure begins in a Bronco Sport, and it never ends.

Preproduction CGI image shown. Aftermarket equipment shown. Available late 2020.

The New 2021 Bronco Trims: Bronco and Bronco Sport

As with other recent Ford models, the 2021 Ford Bronco takes its styling back to its roots.  The overall shape, grill, lights, and functionality of the Bronco highly resemble the first generation look, with a few modern upgrades of course! Let's just say the new Bronco will fit right in a purist's stable next to their classic Bronco.

Performance Comparison Of The Ford Bronco Lineup

All configurations in the Bronco lineup will be equipped with Ford's race-tested EcoBoost engines as well as cutting-edge suspension hardware for suspension travel. Ford states that exclusive adventure-ready tech will also be equipped to help you "take on the wild". Ford has rigorously tested all new Bronco configurations to ensure they were all worthy to wear the Bronco nameplate.

Ford Bronco 2-Door

For Bronco traditionalists, this will be your go-to trim level. The 2-door Bronco does the  original proud. It will take you back to the good old days or offer you brand new adventures. Whether you're a veteran Bronco owner or will be experiencing it for the first time, you won't go wrong with this classic setup.

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Ford Bronco 4-Door

Adding another two doors to the Bronco just means there's room for more fun! The 4-door Bronco increases your accessibility to the rear seats and adds some additional storage for your adventures.

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Ford Bronco Sport

For those looking for a slightly more compact and streetable pony, the Bronco Sport is for you. Still possessing great ORV capabilities, the Bronco Sport is built to further bridge the gap to the street.

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Available Features On Ford Bronco

Every Bronco configuration comes equipped with four-wheel drive to ensure their ability to conquer any type of terrain. Additionally, the doors and roof panels can be removed from both the 2-door and 4-door models to give passengers that open, immersed feeling on their journeys.

How To Pre-Order The 2021 Ford Bronco

Preorder your Ford Bronco starting Monday July 13th at Wickstrom Ford

Be one of the first to step into the the long awaited 2021 Ford Bronco! Wickstrom Auto Group would be happy to help you spec and reserve your perfect new Bronco or Bronco Sport. We're currently taking reservations and look forward to working with you to reserve the perfect trim! You can reserve your own 2021 Bronco now for just $100. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. One of our salespeople will be happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for in a new electric vehicle.

Watch Ford's Teaser Trailer

If this teaser doesn't get you excited, we don't know what will… Contact us today to reserve yours!

Online Reservation FAQs

What is a reservation?

A reservation lets you select your vehicle and be among the first to order a new Bronco or Bronco Sport from Ford with a refundable reservation deposit. It is not an actual order and does not guarantee delivery.

What steps are required to complete my reservation?

Go online and select your preferred configuration, create a Ford Account, select your preferred dealer and enter your credit/debit card details and address. A confirmation receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.*

What is a Ford Account and why do I need one?

A Ford Account lets you sign into the Ford website to save and manage your personal and reservation information. You need to create a Ford Account to reserve your Bronco or Bronco Sport. Reservations can also be tracked in your Ford Account at*

Can I select any Ford Dealer?

Only Ford Dealers who are eligible and have activated online reservations can be selected. The eligible dealers will be provided based on your ZIP code, or you can enter the name of your favorite Ford Dealer and will be matched to them.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

You will be able to make changes and complete your vehicle selection at the time you place your order.*

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. You can cancel your reservation at any time and receive a full refund.* You can do this in your account at If for some reason you can't process the cancellation online, you can contact a Ford Customer Experience Representative at 800-392-3673 (Ford U.S.). After canceling, allow seven to 10 business days for the reservation deposit to be credited to your original form of payment. Once you progress from a reservation to an order with a dealer, however, cancellation requests would be at that dealer's discretion.

When can I order my vehicle?

You will be notified prior to when the Bronco or Bronco Sport ordering windows open to finalize and confirm your selection and agree on pricing with your dealer.

What happens to the reservation deposit once I order?

The reservation deposit will be handled by your dealer along with the other details of your vehicle purchase.* When will I take delivery of my vehicle?

You will be able to order your Bronco in late 2020. Production and deliveries will begin spring 2021. Bronco Sport will be available to order in summer 2020. Production and deliveries will begin late 2020. Once actual delivery times may vary based on vehicle model and configuration selected, residency and demand. Once your vehicle is scheduled, you will receive further notification.

Am I buying this vehicle directly from Ford?

No. The purchase agreement will be between you and the dealer, not you and Ford.

How many reservations can I make and can I transfer my reservation?

Up to two reservations per account. Your reservation number is assigned to you and cannot be transferred.*

Will you share my reservation information with my dealer?

Your reservation information will be shared with the dealer you select at the time of reservation. Please see our privacy policy at for additional information.*

DISCLAIMER: *By completing the Reservation Process, you are not ordering or purchasing a vehicle. Participation in the Program does not guarantee you vehicle delivery. Your Reservation does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle.